This week’s pie review comes from the inner southern suburb of Brisbane, Greenslopes. Stone Artisan Bakery was the venue and to say this venue is on the trendy side of hipster would be an understatement! It just so happens they make a pretty good pie too! 

I need to declare right away that the pie ordered for this test was a chunky steak pie rather than my preferred plain mince pie however I was not leaving this venue without testing a pie! 

Chunky Steak Pie, Stone Artisan Bakers (photo by the author)

Here is how I rated this pie:


This pie tasted quite good.  Indeed of the pies I have tested so far in the quest to find Brisbane’s Best Pie this one tasted the best.  No element of the pie overwhelmed any of the others.  

Meat and Gravy

Let me start with the absolute best part of this pie: the gravy.  It was stunningly good: rich and thick and I could have just drank a schooner of it and I would have been happy.  The pieces of steak, which were in less than bountiful supply it must be said, were tender. 


If the gravy was the best part of this pie then the outright worst part was the pastry.  What a disappointment! Soft in the bottom the pastry started to break up in my hand on the second bite which lead to a portion of the meat and gravy squirting onto the table.  


I would say the Stone Artisan Bakers chunky steak pie was in the middle ground as pie sizes go.  Not too big and not too small.  


If every pie I test searching for Brisbane’s Best is the same temperature as this pie I will be a very happy man.  Not too hot, so as to peel the skin from roof of mouth, and too cold, so as to question whether the oven was on, but just right! 


As, it would seem, with everything on the trendy side of hipster the pie at Stone Artisan Bakers was on the expensive side at $5.90.

The Final Word

The chunky steak pie at Stone Artisan Bakery was quite a good pie with one massive caveat. The gravy was stunningly good and, at the other end of the spectrum, the pastry was just bad.  I would love to rate this pie higher but when you find yourself scraping a fair portion of it off the table after eating it that is difficult to do! 


Stone Artisan Bakers in Greenslopes on Logan Road.  It is part of the fruit and vegetable shop and butchery on the corner of Montague and Bardsley Ave.  If a plain pie is not your thing I would suggest the Lamb Vindaloo pie which I am told is very good!