To everyone who recommended to me to visit the Goat Pie Guy in Deagon I say a thousand thank yous! It is a great place, run by great people that make excellent pies.

At the start of this venture I set some rules for how I was going to judge pies and which pies I was going to judge and in those rules I did say that I would be testing the plain mince pie of every establishment I was attending.  Obviously, as the Goat Pie Guy serves pies made from goat meat and does not have a plain pie on the menu I am considering it as a non-competition pie.

I ordered the “Deluxe” Pie which is the signature pie of the Goat Pie Guy.  Its description on the website is enough to make the mouth water:

The signature pie – rich, tender slow cooked goat meat, infused with honey and thyme, finished with a balsamic reduction

I had high expectations when it came to this pie and, it is safe to say, those expectations where abundantly met.

The Deluxe Goat Pie from the Goat Pie Guy, Deagon (photo by the author)

Here is how I rated the Goat Pie Guy’s Deluxe pie:


Right from my first bite of this pie I was saying to myself “How good is this?“.  The taste of the Deluxe Pie was extraordinarily good with the honey and thyme infusion not overpowering the taste of the meat in the pie.

Meat and Gravy

I confess to have not eaten much goat before so I don’t have much to compare the meat in this pie too but, as the meat in a pie goes, this meat was excellent.  Soft, tender and in abundant supply.  The gravy complemented the meat perfectly and neither element overwhelmed the other.


Regular readers will recall that on my last couple of reviews the pastry has been the killer of some better than average pie efforts.  It was not so from this pie produced by the Goat Pie Guy.  The pastry was well cooked, held together as I ate the whole of the pie and complimented the other elements of the pie perfectly.


The Deluxe Pie from the Goat Pie Guy was a standard sized pie.  It was neither too small nor too large.


Sometimes when I have a really good meal I find myself looking for things to pick at so I was worried that when I was eating my pie, along with how good the pie was, the other thought that was flowing through my mind was that is could have been just a little bit hotter.  I checked with my Pie Consigliere who had come with me for this pie test and she agreed that the temperature of the pie she received was a little bit under what she expected.


This pie was priced at $8.50.

The Final Word

I have to say that I loved my experience at the Goat Pie Guy.  As pies go the Deluxe Pie was very very good.  The minor issue of the heat of the pie aside I would happily to drive to Deagon again for this pie or to try the plethora of other pies on the menu.  I have to say that during the eating of this pie I was cursing the rules I had set for this search because the Goat Pie Guy has definitely produced the best pie I have tested so far!


The Goat Pie Guy’s shop is located at 97 Braun Street, Deagon.  For the beer drinkers it is the first pie shop in Australia to serve beer on tap.  You also must try out the truffle fries which were just as good as this pie (I must thank the people we shared our table here who first is to try some of their fries: one was enough to convince us that we had to get some!)