I am always wary of any establishment (whether it is a bakery or not) that has emblazoned on its signage “award winner”.  Today’s pie test was at one such establishment, Tang Bakery in Enoggera.  Needless to say, it lived up to the expectation brought about by its sign!

The pie tested this week was Tang Bakery’s plain mince pie. 

Tang Bakery Plain Mince Pie (photo by the author)

Here is how I rated this pie: 


I have tested nine pies I would describe as “plain” and I have to say this pie is the one that has tasted the best so far.  The elements of this pie mixed together perfectly.  I absolutely can not fault the taste of the Tang Bakery plain mince pie. 

Meat and Gravy

Right from the first bite of this pie is was clear that the mince was going to be my favorite part of it! There was just so much of it! If anything it overwhelmed the gravy a touch which, ordinarily, would annoy me but the richness of the gravy more than made up for that.  


The pastry of the Tang Bakery plain mince pie was spot on.  From the lid of the pie to its base the pastry of this pie was well cooked and tasted great.  Another element of the pie that I could not fault. 


I have found, of late, a few bakery pies being a little under temperature.  The temperature of this pie was right in the sweet spot which allowed me to eat it without any risk to the roof of my mouth but also without any concern for whether the pie had been cooked enough. 


The Tang Bakery plain mince pie is a standard sized pie. 



The Final Word

The Tang Bakery spruiks itself as an award winner and I can certainly see why if its plain mince pie is anything to go by.  This was a hearty pie that was blessed with a large amount of mince and a taste which is the best I have had so far (in the ranks of the “plain” pies at least).  I can not fault this pie. 


Tang Bakery is in Enoggera on the corner of Samford Road and Wardell Street.  It has a sister bakery in the Stafford Shopping Centre.  EFTPOS facilities are available.