Be it for breakfast, smoko, lunch or dinner there are few more quintessentially Australian meals than a meat pie.  Almost everyone I know enjoys a meat pie and over the years pies have come a long way from being a bit of mince and tons of gravy wrapped in pastry such that now, whatever your taste, you can find the pie that suits you. 

Some pies are very good and some pies are very bad and, again, almost everyone has a shop from which they purchase their favourite meat pie.  Personally, like any bad meal (with the possible exception of pizza which is still pretty good even when it is bad), I would like to avoid having a bad meat pie at all costs and I hope, by undertaking this search I can direct people away from the bad and towards the good pies around Brisbane. 

Obviously, what makes up a great meat pie is a matter of personal taste and this blog will represent my choice based on the criteria that I set however I want to hear from you too about where your best meat pie is in Brisbane.  Send your best through to me as a comment here or contact me through the contact page and I will go and test it out.