With any search of this nature there necessarily will be rules.  My rules for finding Brisbane’s Best Meat Pie are pretty simple and are: 

  1. The place at which the meat pie is purchased must be within the city limits of Brisbane.  Sorry to everyone in Ipswich, Logan and the other Council areas that border Brisbane but there are just too many pies to try within the limits of Brisbane to get to other geographical centres.  Obviously, if I have a pie not in the Brisbane City limits I will still post about it but those pies will be “non-competition” pies. 
  2. There are a plethora of pies out there.  You only need to walk into a bakery and eye off the pricing board to know that.  Whilst I have been known to enjoy pies of all types in my time this search will focus on a plain mince pie.  To be clear, my order at every test site will be “Can I have a plain mince pie please?”.
  3. Condiments are an oft essential part of eating a pie but, depending on your sauce preferences, the condiments use can mask all that is good or bad about a pie so I will be eschewing my usual preference of tomato and Worcestershire sauce on the pies I will be testing. 

As I mentioned in my first post: fundamentally I will be using my personal tastes to decide which pie I think is the best.  However to help you choose your next pie I will be judging (and writing about) each pie based on: 

  1. Taste 
  2. Quantity of mince and gravy
  3. Quality of pastry 
  4. Size 
  5. Temperature (nobody likes a cold pie)
  6. Price

I will not be assigning a score to each of these categories rather I will simply tell you how I think each pie rates against each category. 

Let the judging commence!!!!