Smiley Face Bakery, Mitchelton (photo by: Stephen Humphreys)


As with any search for something great there always needs to be a starting point. The search for Brisbane’s Best Pie had to start somewhere and thus it has started with my local bakery, the Smiley Face Bakery in Mitchelton. I will declare straight off the bat that I have had the pie at this Bakery many times and keen observers will note that the photo I have used as a profile shot is of my test pie from Smiley Face.

Here is how the Smiley Face Bakery plain mince pie went in the search for Brisbane’s Best Pie:


As plain mince pies go taste wise this one was quite good. It definitely was not bland as some plain pies can be and none of its parts overwhelmed the overarching taste of the whole pie.

Mince and Gravy

From the first bite right through to the last the mix of mince and gravy in this pie was spot on. There were no large pieces of mince nor areas within the crust of just gravy. The mixture together was perfect.


You will have seen from my previous post that I have received some expert advice on judging the pastry of the pies I will be testing for the search for Brisbane’s Best Pie. I was easily able to remove the pie from its packaging without it falling apart or feeling soggy. When I tapped on the bottom of the pie I did get a slight tapping sound. I was easily able to eat this whole pie from one side to the other without it falling apart. If I had to be critical I would have preferred the pastry on the top of the pie to be a little less flaky but that is a personal preference.  Overall, the pastry on this pie is a winner!


This pie was not large by the standards of some pies out there but equally was not what I would consider to be small either. I would place this pie, from a size perspective, right in the middle of the range.


The pie was not overly hot which meant it was easy on the mouth to eat. The skin on the roof of my mouth remains intact (which is a test my father runs over the heat of a meal). I would rate the temperature of the pie as moderate.


The Final Word

The Smiley Face Bakery pie is very good starter to the search for Brisbane’s Best Pie. It got everything I am looking for right. If you are looking for a massive pie this is the wrong place to come but if you are looking for a reasonably prices pie that is easy to eat and tastes great this is a very good place to start.
You can find Smiley Face Bakery at Shop 3, 43 Blackwood St, Mitchelton. Contact number is (07) 3855 4333.