This week’s pie review comes from the Stamford Road Bakery in Indooroopilly.  Another of the bakeries that has been highly recommended by readers of this blog and friends alike, today’s visit to Stamford Road was a revisit in a sense because on a previous review attempt the shop was out of plain meat pies.  I have to say I am very glad I came back for a second crack at this pie because it was really quite good.  

The pie tested was the plain beef pie.  

Plain Beef Pie at the Stamford Road Bakery (photo by the author)

Here is how I rated this pie: 


The plain beef pie from the Stamford Road Bakery was, if anything, just a little bland.  It lacked some of the flavor of other pies I have tested so far.  

Meat and Gravy

From the perspective of the amount of meat and gravy I can not fault this pie.  The gravy was thick and the meat was well minced with a number of large chunks throughout.  The meat was quite tender. 


When I saw another pie in a foil casing my stomach sunk because my experience so far has been that the pastry on pies encased in foil has been undercooked and under par.  The Stamford Road Bakery pie bucked this trend as the pastry on this pie was well cooked, not soft underneath and tasted great.  


This pie was on the large side. 


The pie was quite warm upon purchase but not so warm as to stop you from eating it.  I would say that the temperature was just right on this pie. 



The Final Word

The plain beef pie from the Stamford Road Bakery was another pie tested that met almost all of the expectations I had walking in.  I will admit the first time I visited I was concerned that they had no plain beef pies available at 10am on a Sunday morning but having been back a second time I suspect that is because the Stamford Road Bakery plain beef pie is quite a good pie.  Yes it was a little bland but sometimes that is what people want in a pie.  I will be back for another pie from the Stamford Road Bakery!


The Stamford Road Bakery is located on the road from which it gets its name in Indooroopilly.  It is a former Brumby’s Bakery that has been taken over by locals and sells a full range of bakery items.