I have received so many recommendations for pies to taste that it may prove difficult to get through all of them!  Looking through all of the recommendations again it would be fair to say that the most regularly recommended pie purveyor so far has been Piefection.  All those recommendations coupled with having been chastised last week for not trailing enough pies south of the Brisbane River  led me to Mt Gravatt and Piefection for this week’s pie test.  

Piefection is the brainchild of chef Matt Roman who, when I was perusing the hot box looking for the plainest pie in the shop, recommended the JD & BBQ pork rib pie as the signature Piefection pie.  Far be it for me to argue with the bloke who makes the pies (and everyone else who has been spruiking this pie so far), so it was that the JD & BBQ pork rib pie became today’s test pie. 

As you will appreciate from what follows: Piefection definitely lived up to its name! 

Jack Daniels & BBQ Pork Ribs Pie at Piefection (photo by the author)

Here is how I rated this pie: 


I have eaten a lot of pies in my 39 years (well maybe not all of those years but you know what I mean) and I have never tasted a pie quite like this offering from Piefection.  All of the elements of this pie worked together to provide a taste so worth saviouring I found myself taking smaller bites just so the experience lasted longer!  If you had have told me that Jack Daniels in a pie would taste good before this experience I would have quoted the legendary Darryl Kerrigan and I would have woefully wrong!

Meat and Gravy

The pulled pork is really the hero of this pie and that is saying something given how good the rest of this pies elements were.  Cooked to perfection it was tender and almost melted in the mouth.  The gravy was rich and full of flavor with the hint of JD balancing excellently with the BBQ flavors.


The chef mentioned to me (after I had eaten the pie) that he was a little worried the pastry on the bottom might have been a little soft however I did not find that to be the case at all.  The pastry was well cooked, held the pie together well and did not break up as I was eating it.  


This was a standard sized pie. 


The temperature of this pie was spot on.  I ate my pie this week at the shop and was able to bite into it without feeling like the skin of the roof of my mouth was peeling off straight away whilst at the same time I was not looking for a microwave to zap it in.  



The Final Word

I know there are going to readers and commentators on the socials who will read this review and comment “I thought you were testing plain pies!!!“.  That is true and the fact is that the Piefection Jack Daniels & BBQ pork rib pie is the plainest of the pies in shop.  The term “plain” sometimes can connote negativity or simplicity but neither of those descriptors could ever apply to this pie.  This is a pie that all Brisbanites must experience and I can not give it a better review than that! 


Piefection has two sites south of the Brisbane River at Mt Gravatt and Coorparoo.  Check out the Piefection website (piefection.com.au) for the menu and addresses of each shop.  If you eat your pie on a Sunday please note that the Coorparoo shop is shut on Sundays.