Another of the bakeries that has been regularly recommended to me has been the Gabba Bakery in, of course, Woolloongabba.  Having participated in the International Women’s Day fun run this morning, it was the perfect opportunity to test out this bakery given its proximity to South Bank.  After all: what better way could there be to recover from a 5km run than to eat a pie?  
The pie tested this week was the Gabba Bakery’s plain steak pie.

Gabba Bakery Plain Steak Pie (photo by the author)

Here is how I rated this pie: 


There is little I could fault about the taste of the Gabba Bakery’s plain steak pie with one caveat I will mention later in this review.  All of the elements of this pie mixed well together and the taste of the gravy was prominent which I really enjoyed. 

Meat and Gravy

The gravy in this pie was its hero.  In fact if all of the elements of this pie were in a race the gravy won that race with daylight second.  It was rich and, as mentioned above, tasted great. The meat, on the hand, was a little bit disappointing.  It was more like mince to me than steak and was a little lacking in comparison to the amount of gravy in the pie. 


Another pie review and another pie that had pastry that both looked (the photo above is a little deceptive) and tasted a little undercooked.  The base of the pie was soft which meant it started to break apart as I ate it. 


This was a larger pie than many that I have tried so far for the simple reason that the pie base was deeper.  This meant more filling could get into the pie.  


The real negative of the Gabba Bakery plan steak pie was that it was on the cool side.  It was extremely easy to eat it because of the lack of heat in the pie.  This left the impression right from the first bite that the pie was undercooked.



The Final Word

The bones of a good pie were present in plain steak pie at the Gabba Bakery.  It’s gravy was excellent and size wise the depth of the pie base meant that there was the potential to squeeze a lot of filling into the pie.  It also tasted quite nice.  Unfortunately though the execution of this pie let it down a little, given that my impression from the very first bite was that it was a little undercooked.  


The Gabba Bakery is next to the Coles and across from the Gabba Hotel at 803 Stanley Street, Woolloongabba.  It is a little difficult to find for first timers so my tip would be to head straight to the Coles and turn right and you can not miss it.