The search for Brisbane’s Best Meat Pie resumes this week in Brisbane’s North West at the Triple B Bakery in Mitchelton.  

The response to last week’s pie was the biggest so far, so the Triple B Bakery’s pie had a tough act to follow and, it is safe to say, this wasn’t a bad follow up. 

The reviewed pie this week was the plain chunky steak pie (the bakery’s description). 

Triple B Bakery Plain Chunky Steak Pie (photo by the author)

Here is how I rated this Pie: 


Triple B Bakery’s plain chunky steak pie tasted nice.  The elements of the pie were well balanced and the flavours were permeating through each bite.

Meat and Gravy

I have to confess that the meat in this pie left me a little disappointed. The chunks of steak were largely non existent (I counted two smallish chunks) indeed there was more mince than steak.  The gravy was quite nice and complimented the mince well.  


The pastry was actually quite good on this pie particularly on the lid of the pie.  The only bit of the pie’s pastry that let it down was that the base was a little soft and that caused the pie to start breaking apart as I ate it. 


This was a standard sized pie.


The temperature of this pie was perfect.  Not too hot but not under heated, it was easy to eat. 



The Final Word 

The Triple B Bakery’s plain chunky steak pie wasn’t a bad pie, indeed it actually had some pretty good elements.  It tasted nice, the gravy was rich and the pastry was generally pretty good.  It was let down in part by its description because the pie didn’t have enough chunky steak in it to match that description.  The base of the pie was also a little soft.


Triple B Bakery is in Blackwood Stree, Mitchelton.  I have to say one of the things visitors will have to deal with are counter staff who I have found in the past to be just a bit rude.  If you can get past that it is actually not a bad Bakery.