Since I started the search for Brisbane’s Best Pie I have received a multitude of recommendations for venues to test out meat pies.  One that intrigued me more than most was “Banh Mi & Rolls” in Everton Park.  After all, how good can a pie be from a venue that does not promote its pies or other bakery products in its title? 

It is safe to say that pie I tested from Banh Mi & Rolls was actually quite good. 

The pie I tested was simply described on the menu as “Plain Pie”. 

Banh Mi & Rolls, Everton Park – Plain Pie (photo by the author)

Here is how I rated this pie: 


As regular readers will know I am a fan of gravy in pies I eat (well to be honest with just about all foods) and that meant that I quite enjoyed the taste of this pie.  The taste of the gravy was prevalent in every bite and complemented well the pastry. 

Meat and Gravy

I have already mentioned the amount of gravy in this pie and it goes without saying that the gravy was this pie’s hero. I was thick and plentiful.  Conversely, and this is only negative I can find with this pie, I thought this pie could have done with a little bit more meat.  


If the gravy of the Banh Mi & Rolls Plain Pie was its hero then the pastry was a very close second.  It was perfectly cooked, tasted spot on and did not break up as I was eating the pie.  


I undertook my pie test at the tables outside Banh Mi & Rolls and found it easy to eat temperature wise.  Indeed I would say temperature wise it was perfect. 


In the recommendation for this pie it was mentioned to me that the pies at Banh Mi & Rolls were on the large size and that recommendation proved correct.  This was a larger pie when compared to those I have tested thus far. 



The Final Word

I never thought I would be buying a pie from a shop called Banh Mi & Rolls during the search for Brisbane’s Best Pie but I was definitely glad I did.  This was a very good pie with very rich gravy and well cooked pastry.  The only negative I could find is that I would have liked some more meat in the pie.  I will definitely be heading back to Banh Mi & Rolls both for another pie and to try out their Banh Mi as well. 


Banh Mi & Rolls is on 791 Stafford Road at Everton Park.  It is on the Everton Park Shopping Centre between a Dominos outlet and a Kebab Shop.  In addition to pies and Banh Mi it is a full service bakery selling everything from cakes to bread.