This weekend Brisbane’s Best Pie is on tour around Queensland’s Gold Coast.  There are just as many bakeries on the coast as there are in Brisbane so it went without saying that a pie test was in order.  

Now before readers and followers on the socials cry: “you are not in Brisbane” and this “can not be Brisbane’s Best Pie”, I know that and this is not a test for Brisbane’s Best Pie.  

That is, to be honest a shame because the pie I tested from Main Beach Bakery was very good.

The pie I tested was the Plain Pie.  

Plain Meat Pie, Main Beach Bakery (photo by the author)

Here is how I rated this pie: 


This pie is one of the best plain pies I have tasted thus far.  It tasted quite meaty and all of the elements worked perfectly together. 

Meat and Gravy

I can not fault these aspects of this pie.  The gravy was thick, plentiful and tasted great.  The meat was also in abundance and only added to the flavor of the gravy. 


This is another area in which I can not fault the Main Beach Bakery’s plain pie.  The pastry was well cooked, the bottom of the pie remained intact throughout eating and the lid of the pie had just a hit of crunch.  


Despite my test of this pie being much later than I would ordinarily test a pie (around 2:30pm) the temperature of the pie, straight out of the hot box, was spot on for immediate eating. 


This pie was on the larger side size wise compared to other pies I have tested thus far. 



The Final Word

It is a shame that this website is following the quest to find Brisbane’s Best Pie because the Main Beach Bakery plain pie was really very good and compared favorably to the best plain pies I have tested so far.  The elements of the pie all combined to create, simply, an excellent plain pie. 


Main Beach Bakery is on Tedder Avenue in Surfers Paradise.  Coupled with its “plain” pie selection, the bakery also has an extensive range of gourmet pies on offer.  

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