After a brief sojourn on tour last week, the search for Brisbane’s Best Pie returned to the suburbs of Brisbane this week refreshed and revitalised.  

This week my attention turned to Clayfield in Brisbane’s inner north and to another of the bakeries that has been recommended to me: Baked to Perfection in Clayfield.

Of late I have been blessed with some excellent pies to test and my expectations were high for another good pie.  With a couple of caveats, the pie I tested from Baked to Perfection met those expectations.

The pie I tested was Baked to Perfection’s plain pie. 

Baked to Perfection, Clayfield – Plain Pie (photo by the author)

Here is how I rated this Pie:


From the first bite of this pie the overwhelming feature that shone through was just how much pastry there was.  That meant that my first impression of the taste of the pie was “where is the filling?” After I got to the second bite of the pie the flavours of the meat and gravy started to come through and they tasted good.

Meat and Gravy

Of all of the pies I have tested I would have to say that the Baked to Perfection plain pie had the least amount of meat and gravy.  That is not necessarily a bad thing and in the case of this pie it did not detract from the taste of the pie: I just would have liked more of both! 


The absolute hero of this pie was its pastry.  As the name of the bakery indicated it was cooked to perfection.  The base did not break up during eating and the lid was crispy and light.  If anything, and this is really being picky, I felt there was just a little bit to much pastry on the lid which lead to a lot of it flaking off in the eating. 


I ate the plain pie from Baked to Perfection straight away and found it, temperature wise, easy to eat.  Absolutely no complaints from me on this element.


This was a regularly sized pie.  Not too big nor too small.



The Final Word

The plain pie from Baked to Perfection was quite a nice pie.  Lovers of pastry will love this pie because not only was the pastry perfectly cooked it was abundant.  If anything the pastry overwhelmed the meat and gravy, of which I was left wanting more.  A word of warning if you not going to eat the pie immediately, I would not risk this pie in your vehicle or anywhere you wished to keep pristinely clean (like the front of your shirt) because the flaky pastry on the lid disbursed significantly on each bite! I should say this is absolutely not a negative: indeed I loved the lid of this pie! 


Baked to Perfection is at 266 Junction Road, Clayfield.  It is a full service bakery selling bread and cakes on top of the pies.  There were a number of other pie variants available including a butter chicken pie which I will be back to test out!

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