As regular readers will be aware I have received a number of recommendations for where I should seek out Brisbane’s Best Pie.  I am slowly trying to get through all of the recommendations however this weeks pie test is not from one of those recommendations.  Rather, I am testing this week a bakery that I have driven past more times than I can remember and have been keen to try for some time: Hilltop Bakery in Stafford. 

I am glad that I went with my gut instinct this week and went with a bakery is have been keen to test for so long because Hilltop Bakery did not disappoint! This was a very good pie. 

The pie I tested was Hilltop Bakery’s plain mince pie. 

Hilltop Bakery, Stafford – Plain Mince Pie (photo by the author)

Here is how I rated this pie

To put it simply: this pie tasted great! The elements of the pie worked together perfectly.  There was a hint of pepper in the filling of the pie which meant it tasted slightly different from a “standard” plain mince but I can not fault it.

Meat and Gravy

The plain mince pie from Hilltop Bakery is another pie that had as its hero the gravy: it was rich and full of flavor with a hint of pepper in it as previously mentioned.  The mince was plentiful and complemented the gravy extremely well. 


I thought the pastry of this pie was very well cooked.  The lid of the pie was crisp and light whilst the base did not break up during the eating.  Again, it tasted great and worked well with the rest of the element of the pie. 


This is absolutely the only the thing I can fault about this pie and it is not really a major matter but the pie was a touch on the hot side on the first bite.  The upside of this of course is, if you do not wish to eat your pie immediately upon purchase,  you probably have time to get it home. 


The was a standard sized pie. 



The Final Word

Another week of searching for Brisbane’s Best Pie has taken me to another local bakery serving an excellent plain mince pie.  All of the elements of this pie were spot on with the rich and slightly peppery gravy an absolute stand out.  Whilst the pie was a touch on the hot side, that is only a negative if you are impatient or you are eating your pie at a sporting event.  I really enjoyed the pie and will be back for more! 


Hilltop Bakery is at 623 Stafford Road at Stafford.  There is a minimal amount of seating outside the shop.  EFTPOS is available but be aware there is a surcharge on purchases under $10.  

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