The search for Brisbane’s Best Pie continued this weekend at another recommended venue: La Vosh Patisserie in Red Hill. 

La Vosh has a small selection of pies on offer and  is better known for its bagels however the weight of recommendations meant I had to give it a try! 

The pie I tested was La Vosh’s chunky steak pie. 

La Vosh Patisserie, Red Hill (photo by the author)

Here is how I rated this pie: 

The La Vosh Patisserie chunky steak pie had quite a meaty flavour with a hint of pepper in the gravy.  The pie tasted quite nice.

Meat and Gravy

The meat in this chunky steak pie was plentiful and quite chunky.  It was also quite tender.  The gravy was thick complimented the meat quite well. 


Right from the moment I took this pie out of its paper bag I felt that the pastry was undercooked.  The base of the pie was quite soft and started to fall apart as I ate the pie.  The lid of the pie was well done however. 


Unfortunately I found this pie to be under temperature.  This only added to my impression that the pie was a bit under cooked.  


The La Vosh Patisserie chunky steak pie was on the larger side. 



The Final Word

There were elements of the chunky steak pie from La Vosh Patisserie that were very good: the meat and gravy were very nice and plentiful to say the least.  I felt however this Pie had been undercooked both from the softness of the pastry base and its temperature.


La Vosh Patisserie is at 154 Musgrave Rd Red Hill.  It sells a broad range of bagels and is also a full service coffee shop.  

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