It has again been brought to my attention on the socials that Brisbane’s Best Pie has been, it would seem, a bit too focused on the bakeries of the northern suburbs of Brisbane.  With that constructive feedback in mind, the search for Brisbane’s Best Pie headed southward this week to Upper Mt Gravatt.  

This week’s pie was from Ace Bakery in Upper Mt Gravatt and was the bakery’s plain meat pie. 

Ace Bakery, Mt Gravatt – Plain Meat Pie (photo by the author)

Here is how I rated this pie: 


I felt that the best element of this pie was its taste.  The meat and gravy had quite a hearty flavor without being overpowered by seasoning or the taste of the pastry. 

Meat and Gravy

Whilst I felt that meat and gravy had a pleasing taste, I found that both of these elements were a little bit lacking for somewhat opposed reasons.  The meat, whilst tasty, was just a bit lacking in volume – I was looking for more of it!.  Conversely, the gravy, albeit again tasty, was not as thick as I would have expected, indeed it was a bit runny which made for messy eating and, frankly, I could have done with less of it!


I have written before on these reviews about pies that come in a silver tray and the Ace Bakery plain meat pie was another of them.  Unfortunately, and true to form for a pie in a silver tray, the base of the pie was quite soft which meant it started to break up during eating.  


I ate this pie in the car immediately after purchase and was thankful it was not too hot because, with the pastry falling apart on the bottom, it would have made it quite difficult to eat.  I have no complaints about this element. 




The Ace Bakery plain meat pie is a standard sized pie. 

The Final Word

The plain meat pie from the Ace Bakery got one of the most important elements spot on: it tasted very nice.  Unfortunately, undercooking of the base pastry really let it down and made for a messy eating experience.  I also would have liked more meat in this pie.  


Ace Bakery is in the Palmdale Shopping Centre at 2120 Logan Road, Upper Mt Gravatt.  It is a full service bakery with a broad range of breads and sweet items to go with their pies.  The sausage rolls looked particularly good and I will be going back to try one out!

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