Brisbane’s Best Pie returned to the inner north western suburbs of Brisbane for a pie taste test at Supa Bakery in Ashgrove Village.  There will be readers who will notice that this is the second time I have tested a bakery in Ashgrove.  I appreciate that there are many places around Brisbane with bakeries that sell pies and I will be trying to get to them all, however this bakery was the next one on the list (which is longer than Joel Garner’s arm span).  

Supa Bakery has big reputation in the area and gets significant business from tradies so I had very high expectations for this pie.  

The pie I tested was Supa Bakery’s plain mince pie. 

Here is how I rated this pie:


I really enjoyed the taste of Supa Bakery’s plain mince pie.  The elements of the pie mixed well together and really hit the mark taste wise.  I have absolutely no complaints about the taste of this pie. 

Meat and Gravy

This was the element of this pie that I was most enamoured with.  The mince was plentiful and tasted great.  The gravy was thick and complemented the mince perfectly. Supa Bakery got this element spot on!


There was some very good parts to this element and, unfortunately, one ordinary part of the Supa Bakery plain mince pie.  The lid of the pie was perfect albeit the amount of flaky pastry would have made this a difficult pie to eat on the front.  The unfortunately element was, again, the pie base which was soft and broke apart as I ate it. 


The temperature of this pie was spot on.  Not too hot, not too cold … just right!


This pie was square in shape (which I love) and that meant it was a bigger than usual pie.  



The Final Word

I can definitely understand why this bakery has the strong reputation it has in the area.  There was a lot of the pie that was really very good.  The only weak element for me was the base which was soft.  All in all: this was a very strong pie! 


Supa Bakery is in Ashgrove Village which is on Stewart Road in Ashgrove.  It is a standard local bakery selling everything from bread through to cream buns (one of which I also purchased).  

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