One of the most recommended purveyors of pies to Brisbane’s Best Pie has been Beefy’s.  I have not been all that keen thus far to try out “chain” bakeries and pie shops but the weight of recommendations for Beefy’s meant I had to try it out eventually!

I have to say right off the bat that I could not have been happier to test our the Beefy’s pie today because, simply put, it was stunningly good!

The pie I tested was Beefy’s Signature Steak Pie. 

Here is how I reviewed this pie: 


It is simple: this pie tasted great.  The best tasting “plain pie” so far was the plain mince pie from Tang Bakery but this pie from Beefy’s was absolutely as good when it came to the taste.  Hearty and meaty: spot on!

Meat and Gravy

I absolutely loved the gravy in the Beefy’s Signature Steak pie.  It was thick and rich and was the hero of this pie.  The steak pies in this pie were plentiful and mixed with the gravy wonderfully well.


The Beefy’s Signature Steak Pie had some of the best pastry I have tried so far.  The base of the pie was well cooked and did not break up during eating.  The lid of the pie was perfect with flaky pastry on top.


The temperature of this pie was a little on the hot side but that did not detract from the eating.  In fact, gravy was so fulsome and thick that if the temperature had have been lower in this pie it would have had the feeling that the pie was actually on the cold side.  


This was a large single serve pie.  



The Final Word

I had been wondering when I would taste a “plain” pie that challenged the plain mince pie from Tang Bakery and in the Beefy’s Signature Steak pie definitely did that.  Each of the elements spot on in their execution and the taste of this pie was great. This was another pie that certainly I could not fault!


Beefy’s has a number of stores , most of which are north of Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast.  The Cannon Hill store is on 1233 Wynnum Rd in Cannon Hill.  For those readers who have been asking me about gluten free pies, Beefy’s is a place to try that offers a gluten free range.  

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