Of late I have found myself testing pies in the inner suburbs of Brisbane.  This week, and in the coming weeks, I will be heading into the outer boundaries of Brisbane’s suburbia to expand the breadth of my search for Brisbane’s Best Pie.  

This week, I headed north and tested a pie from the Bracken Ridge Hot Bread Kitchen.  The pie I tested was the plain steak pie. 

Bracken Ridge Hot Bread Kitchen, Plain Steak Pie (photo by the author)

Here is how I rated this pie: 


This plain pie tasted just like the sticker in the hot box: it was plain and I really enjoyed that.  If anything the pie had a slight onion taste through it. 

Meat and Gravy

The gravy of the Bracken Ridge Hot Bread Kitchen plain steak pie was quite thick.  It tasted hearty and little bit oniony (which I am not adverse to I confess).  I expected there to be more meat if I am honest.  The steak in the pie had the appearance of being minced so it was a little difficult to tell what was gravy and mince in the eating of the pie.  


The lid of this pie but was quite nice.  It was crispy and tasted great.  I felt the base of the pie was quite dry and a little over cooked.  


I tested this pie on the way to a game of cricket so I tested the pie immediately upon purchase.  The temperature was spot on and made the Bracken Ridge Hot Bread Kitchen plain steak pie quite easy to eat.  It was not too hot. 


The Bracken Ridge Hot Bread Kitchen plain steak pie was a little smaller than the average pie I have tested so far. 



The Final Word

Bracken Ridge Hot Bread Kitchen’s plain steak pie had some nice elements.  The gravy was thick and hearty and it tasted exactly as I expected it which was pleasing.  The lid of the pie was spot on.  Unfortunately I felt like the meat was a little lacking and the pastry base of the pie tasted over cooked and was quite dry. 


Bracken Ridge Hot Bread Kitchen is, of course, in Bracken Ridge.  It is on Gawain Road.  It sells a full range of breads and a very broad selection of sweet pastry items.  I also tried the mini pies they sold and they were very very nice.  

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