After last week’s health mandated hiatus from the search for Brisbane’s Best Pie, the search resumed with a test in the inner Brisbane suburb of Ashgrove (yes I know I have tested in Ashgrove before but there are just so many bakeries in the suburb worth testing). 

Today’s test venue was Gerbino’s and the pie tested was the plain steak pie. 

I am very glad to have waited until this week to test this Pie without the impediment of man flu effecting my taste buds because this Pie deserved my full attention! 

Gerbino’s, Ashgrove – Plain Steak Pie (photo by the author)

Here is how I rated this Pie: 


The Gerbino’s plain steak pie tasted wonderful.  All of the elements worked together well with this Pie have an extremely hearty taste.  This was one of the best pies I have tasted during this search with a taste that I simply can not fault! 

Meat and Gravy

The meat and gravy were, in equal parts, simply spot on.  The gravy was thick and hearty.  The steak was well cooked, tender and bountiful.  These two elements went together perfectly. 


I have had a couple of pies at patisseries over the last 6 months that left me underwhelmed when it came to the pastry.  It was absolutely not so with this Pie from Gerbino’s. The pastry was perfectly cooked, did not break up during eating and tasted great. 


Another element that Gerbino’s got 100% right with this Pie was the temperature.  It was perfect for eating straight away.  Not too hot but not cold either! 


The Gerbino’s plain steak pie was a larger pie. 



The Final Word

This pie from Gerbino’s was absolute knock out.  It was right up there with some of the best pies I have tasted so far and another pie that I simply could not fault.  Every element was spot on.  This is definitely a pie will be going back for. 

If you don’t believe me then ….

I tested this pie with my nephew Tom (you might remember him from where he was my junior Parma reviewer) and he said this when asked what he thought of the pie: 

“The pastry was great and the gravy very tasty. The steak was my favourite bit … no everything was my favourite.”

The Final Word 

Gerbino’s is on Ashgrove Rd in Ashgrove. It is a patisserie with a very large range of breads and sweet items on offer to go with their excellent pies!  I will definitely be back! 

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