This week's test site for Brisbane's Best Pie was on the north side of town in Chermside at the Chermside Place Bakery.

I had very high hopes for this bakery largely arising out of a sign on the wall I noticed when I walked into the bakery that said "Skinny people get kidnapped …. stay safe and eat a pie!" Of course this is advice that I heed every week in testing the pies of Brisbane!

The pie I tested was the Chermside Place Bakery plain steak pie.

Here is how I rated this pie:


The Chermside Place Bakery plain steak pie tasted great! I thought the elements of the pie went together quite well and the pie had a meaty flavour to it that was extremely pleasing.

Meat and Gravy

I had absolutely no complaints about the meat or gravy of this pie. The gravy was the hero of the Chermside Place Bakery plain steak pie. It was thick and hearty. The chunks of steak were large and perfectly cooked.


If there was one flaw in this pie it was the pastry of the base. It was soft and fell apart in the eating (the usual tell tale sign of a foil tray on the pie was, of course, present). The lid of the pie, conversely, was very well cooked and quite crispy.


I ate this pie immediately upon purchase and its temperature for this purpose was spot on. As the pie base broke up I did lose some of the meat and gravy onto my fingers and the filling was not hot enough to cause any damage to them!



The Final Word

Most of the elements of the plain steak pie from Chermside Place Bakery were spot on. The meat and gravy I could make absolutely no complaints about along with the lid of the pie which was excellent. Unfortunately the base of the pie was quite soft and the pie fell apart as I was eating it. Still this was a nice pie and one I would have again.


Chermside Place Bakery is in the Chermside Place shopping centre on Gympie Road in Chermside. It is a full service bakery with a large array of baked goods on sale.

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