Today's pie test for Brisbane's Best Pie took place on the homeward trip after your tester had completed a 19.5km training walk. Needless to say food was urgently needed at the end of that walk and, as luck would have it, our trip home led us straight to CB's and their homemade pies.

This week I was joined for the pie test by two of my team mates for the upcoming Oxfam Trailwalker 100 in Sydney, Dorr and Rick, whose views I definitely took on board the preparation of this review.

The pie tested was GB's Cake / Cafe / Takeaway's plain steak pie.

Here is how I rated this pie:


GB's Cake / Cafe / Takeaway's plain steak pie tasted exactly how a plain steak pie should: it was meaty and hearty with pastry that perfectly complimented the taste. I can not fault the taste of this pie.

Meat and Gravy

Probably the most outstanding feature of this pie was the meat. It was plentiful and perfectly cooked. It complimented the gravy perfectly. This is an element of the pie that I simply can not fault.


Unfortunately, GB's Cake / Cafe / Takeaway's plain steak pie suffered from having a soft base. The pie eaten by me did not fall apart on the bottom until I was towards the end of eating however Rick's pie broke apart almost from the first bite. The lid of the pie was wonderfully well cooked.




GB's Cake / Cafe / Takeaway's plain steak pie was the perfect temperature for immediate eating. Not too hot, not too cold … just right!


This was a standard sized pie.

The Final Word

I really enjoyed GB's Cake / Cafe / Takeaway's plain steak pie. So did my fellow Oxfam walkers Dorr and Rick. Obviously the base of the pie was a disappointment however every other element of this pie was spot on. So much so that each of us immediately ordered another pie!

Postscript #1

GB's Cake / Cafe / Takeaway's is at Shop 33, 1000 Waterworks Rd, The Gap. Not only are the pies home made but they also sell a broad range of sweet pastry items as well as a variety of Vietnamese takeaway staples.

Postscript #2

Oxfam Trailwalker is Australia's original 100km team endurance event. Having taken on the Brisbane course in 2015 we are now having a crack at the Sydney course at the end of August. This is a massive physical and mental challenge whilst also raising important funds to help people in poverty. Should you wish to donate or found our more about Oxfam Trailwalker please email!

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