After a week off, the search for Brisbane’s Best Pie continued with an inner city taste test.  

One of the most recommended places to try a pie so far this year as been Jocelyn’s Provisions in Fortitude Valley and it was there that this week’s test took place. 

The pie I tested was the Jocelyn’s Provisions Beef and Red wine pie.  

Jocelyn’s Provisions, Fortitude Valley – Beef and Red wine pie

Here is how I rated this Pie:


As I set out below I really struggled with the temperature of the Jocelyn’s Provisions Beef and Red wine pie however from what I could taste through the very hot filling was a very fine pie. The meat, gravy and pastry all mixed together to make this pie taste great.  

Meat and Gravy

The beef in the Jocelyn’s Provisions Beef and Red wine pie was the chunkiest (read largest chunks) I have had so far.  The chunks were tender and tasted great.  The gravy of this pie definitely tasted of red wine and also had peas through it.  It complemented the meat well.  


I have been criticised on the socials of late for writing the same review every week; viz., “great pie but the pastry was ordinary and the pie came out in a silver tray”.  I apologise to the keyboard warriors but I again have to say the pastry of this pie was a little disappointing overall.  The top of the pie was quite good but the base was in foil and was very soft which did not make eating the pie easy given how hot it was. 


The absolute stand out feature, and not in a positive way, of the tested pie was its temperature.  I have not taste tested a pie that has been hotter out of the pie warmer than the Jocelyn’s Provisions Beef and Red wine pie.  I even let the pie sit for 5 mins after my first couple of bites in the hope it would cool down but even then steam was still coming out of it.  I found this pie too hot to eat comfortably.  I am sure it I had have waited 30 mins it would have at a comfortable temperature however, on this occasion, my test took place immediately upon purchase. 


This was a standard sized pie. 



The Final Word

As I write this review some 8 hours after testing the Jocelyn’s Provisions Beef and Red wine pie, I remain struck by the temperature of this pie.  It was, unfortunately, too hot to eat straight after purchase.  The softness of the base pastry combined with that heat meant I ended up having to eat the pie with a fork after my second bite.  I loved the taste of this pie and the beef was hearty and plentiful but I can not get past the heat I am afraid! 


Jocelyn’s Provisions is at Shop 11 Centro on James in James Street in Fortitude Valley.  It is quite an upmarket bakery.  Do not go there if you are looking to eat your purchases immediately as there is nowhere to sit in the vicinity of the bakery (other than on the side of a garden bed in front of the shop next door).  Some of the cakes looked absolutely amazing and I will be back to try them soon! 

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