One of the things I have enjoyed most in searching for Brisbane’s Best Pie has been finding pie shops who do not dominate on internet searches or are just plain hard to find.  Sweetie Pies and Cakes is one bakery that ticks both of those boxes.  When you search for “Pie Shop Everton Park” it does not come at all on the internet searches (well at least the ones I did) and it is tucked in a difficult to reach corner of the Everton Park shops.  

Sweetie Pies and Cakes advertises itself as being “Brisbane’s best kept secret … and we want to keep it that way” and I have to say they have certainly made it hard enough to find that they are likely to get their wish!

The pie I tested was the plain mince pie.  

Sweetie Pies and Cakes, Everton Park – Plain Mince Pie

Here is how I rated this pie: 


I was quite happy with the taste of this pie.  From the first bite to the last the elements of this pie mixed well together with the gravy a particular standout. 

Meat and Gravy

The gravy on the Sweetie Pies plain mince pie was its hero.  It was rich and tasted quite hearty.  The mince was plentiful and well mixed in with the gravy.  


Of all of the pies I have tried so far with a foil base, the pastry on the base of this pie was the best cooked.  Other foil based pies have had mostly very soft bases when tested but this one bucked that trend.  It did not break up on eating.  The pastry lid was very well cooked.  


Having just regained sensation in the roof of my mouth after last week’s pie test, I would delighted to find the Sweetie Pies and Cakes plain mince pie was of a great eating temperature.  It was not too hot and it was not too cold. 


This was a standard sized pie. 



The Final Word

I confess that I did not have high expectations when I tested this pie.  I definitely judged the bakery by its outward aesthetic and I was absolutely wrong.  This was quite a good pie.  I have really no complaints about this pie to be honest.  It tasted very good with hearty gravy, plentiful mince and pastry that really hit the mark.  I will definitely be back to try the other pies and cakes on the Sweetie Pies and Cakes menu. 


Sweetie Pies and Cakes is in the shopping complex at 791 Stafford Road in Everton Park.  It is a shop that you would never see from the road as you drive past as it is wedged between the Coles Supermarket and a road thoroughfare in shopping complex.  Find it and it will be definitely worth your efforts in my view.  

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