I have loved nothing more in the search for Brisbane’s Best Pie than finding new and diffierent bakeries.  This week’s review was one, again, from a bakery that I would never have thought of stopping at but I was extremely glad I did!

This week’s pie review was undertaken at Jacob’s Bakery in Bridgman Downs and the pie tested was the Jacob’s Bakery Mince Pie. 

Jacob’s Bakery, Bridgman Downs – Mince Pie (photo by the author)

Here is how I rated this pie: 


The Jacob’s Bakery Mince Pie tasted just as a plain mince pie should: it was meaty and all of the elements mixed well together.  If I am to be picky I would say I would have liked a touch more seasoning in the gravy.  

Meat and Gravy

The mince in this pie was absolutely spot on.  There was plenty of it and it tasted great.  The gravy was thick and was mixed well with the mince.  I confess though that I found the gravy to be a touch bland and in need of a little more seasoning. 


The lid of the Jacob’s Bakery Mince Pie was perfect! It was well cooked and had a delightful crunch with every bite.  The base of the pie was a surprise as, again, despite it being cooked in a foil tray it was cooked perfectly.  The pie did not fall apart on eating.  


As my drive to this pie test was not insignificant I ate this pie at the shop and, for that purpose, the temperature was spot on.  I have to say though if you were intending to take your pie home from Jacob’s Bakery you probably wouldn’t want to have more than a 10 minute drive home. 


I found this pie to be on the small size when compared to other pies I have tested so far. 



The Final Word

I have rarely been to a more impressively fitted out bakery and it produced a solid mince pie for this test.  It was hearty with the pastry an absolute highlight and a delight.  I did think that the gravy was a touch bland and in need of some more seasoning but that did not detract from the experience of eating this quite nice pie.  


Jacob’s Bakery is in the Metro-on-Beckett complex on the corner of Beckett Rd and Saturn Crescent in Bridgman Downs.  It is one of five Jacob’s bakeries around Brisbane.  It is a wonderfully well fitted out bakery serving a full range of bakery items as well ready made sandwiches.  

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