After a week hiatus, testing for Brisbane's Best Pie recommenced in earnest this weekend. The location of this week's test was the inner Brisbane suburb of Nundah and the venue the Nundah Hotbread Kitchen.

When I read some online reviews of this bakery I was concern that this might not be the best of pie tests. I was pleasantly surprised!

The pie I tested was the Nundah Hotbread Kitchen plain steak pie.

Here is how I rated this Pie:


The Nundah Hotbread Kitchen plain steak pie was a hearty pie with a rich meaty taste. All of the elements mixed together well.

Meat and Gravy

Whilst this Pie was described as a steak pie, the meat was more mince like than anything else. It tasted nice and was well accompanied by the gravy. The gravy was thick and hearty.


The lid of the Nundah Hotbread Kitchen plain steak pie was spot on and was the highlight of this pie. It was perfectly cooked. On the other hand, and not for the first time on this quest, the base of the pie was the most disappointing of it. It was soft and broke up while I was eating it.


The temperature of this pie was spot on.


The Nundah Hotbread Kitchen plain steak pie was a standard sized pie.



The Final Word

As I said, I had some trepidation about going to the Nundah Hotbread Kitchen as it's online reviews were less than stellar. The Nundah Hotbread Kitchen plain steak pie though bucked the trend of said reviews. This was a good Pie with the only real negative a slightly soft base.


The Nundah Hotbread Kitchen is on Sandgate Rd at Nundah (just across the road from the Prince of Wales Hotel). It has a wide range of bakery products. I can also recommend its Neenish Tart which was quite good!

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