The search for Brisbane’s Best Pie shifted to the outer western suburb of Riverhills this week and the Two Kings Bakery.

I confess that I have been looking for more pies to test in the “outer” suburbs of Brisbane and was hopeful of a great taste test at Two Kings after receiving a strong recommendation on Twitter (@brisbane_pie) to try it to out.

The pie I tested was the Two Kings Bakery Plain Chunky Steak pie.

Here is how I rated this pie:


The Two Kings Bakery Plain Chunky Steak pie tasted great. The overwhelming flavour that came through with each bite was the gravy which was thick and rich. All of the elements of this pie mixed together well.

Meat and Gravy

As I have alluded to above, the hero of this pie was its gravy. It was plentiful and tasted great. If anything the gravy overpowered the steak in this pie of which I could have done with a little more to compliment just how much gravy there was. The steak that was in the pie was tender and tasted great.


Another week and, sadly, another pie presented in a silver foil tray. Whilst the base of the pie was not as soft as some that have been presented in the tray thus far, it still was soft. Thankfully it did not break up on eating. Conversely, I found the lid of this pie to spot on with the pastry well cooked and complimentary to the other elements.


The Two Kings Bakery Plain Chunky Steak pie was just the right temperature to eat immediately upon purchase which I did in the seating area at the front of the bakery.


This was a standard sized pie.



The Final Word

I quite enjoyed the Two Kings Bakery Plain Chunky Steak pie. Part of this assessment, of course as regular readers will remember, is that I am an avid fan of gravy in pies. There were other elements that hit the mark as well; viz., the pie tasted great and the lid was very well executed. Unfortunately I was left looking for some more meat and again was left think what might have been if the base of the pie had not been soft.


The Two Kings Bakery sells everything from sweet to savoury bakery products. It is also offers Vietnamese Pork Rolls (freshly made) which I will be definitely back to try out. This bakery is located at 200 Sumners Rd, Riverhills.

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